Monday, 22 August 2011

Loving this: Tooled Satchel

Tooled Satchel- River Island

This has to be my favourite bags at the moment. I bought this from River Island a couple of months ago but started using it more recently. For £70 it was not cheap but I had a voucher so I basically got it for half price. Asos have this same bag (Click Here) on sale for £42 so I feel like a sucker! Ah well, I love it. (Trust me it looks a lot better in person, the picture Asos has up does it no justice whatsoever!! You can also save 20%. Just enter the promo code extra20 at checkout) 

Downside: I’m not a fan of the dark fabric in the strap or the River Island logo that they seem to love to put on all their bags but oh well. It’s a structured bag plus it’s made from leather so I can say it was worth it. 

An outfit post with this bag is soon to come.

Hope you guys are all well xx



  1. its so adorable i love it. great find.

  2. Stunning bag! It will last you a long time so I think it's well worth what you paid for it. I really want one now! x

  3. Thanks Jean-Pierre. @ Lillie, yeah it will last a long best do x